Are you taking commissions? 

At the moment I'm only taking convention commissions. I'm also not taking on any freelance work at this time. I'll be opening up commissions and freelance for a short time in April so be sure to check for announcement posts on my social media. 

Can I get a tattoo of your artwork?

Unfortunately, at this moment, I'd have to say no. There is super big announcement coming explaining why, just know that in the near future this answer will change for a good reason! 

What Supplies do you use?


Mijello and for metallic colors Finetec




Most of my brushes are made by Trekell but my other favorites are by Rosemary brushes. I use synthetic and sable.


I use a bunch but here is a list of my favorites at the moment

  • microns
  • pentel pocket
  • pentel brush pen 
  • kuretake brush pen
  • ns1pen


I use a bunch of different  sketchbooks at once. Some of my favorites are Canson Mixed Media, Copic, Moleskin. I also use a Moleskin for my watercolor sketchbook.