8x10 Commissions
8x10 Commissions

8x10 Commissions

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Waist up or Sitting Commissions on 8x10 Paper. Color or Black and White.

Provide 5 words or less explaining what you are looking for. Example: Purple nature witch....

Can be original character, unique character, or existing ones.

I'll be using mixed media.

Black and white (can also add one other color including gold and silver): $350

Color (max 3 colors): $400

Please leave any directions in the comments of your order or feel free to email me at upacey@yahoo.com with your order number. Or if you want to work on a more specific type of commission please EMAIL ME FIRST.

***Personal commissions only. NOT to be used for tattoos, teeshirts, stickers ext.***

Estimate on time span will vary but please give up to a month for commission completion.